The Easy-View

Microscope ®


Built tough, to survive in rough

  public places.

Green technology LED

  lighting uses less power than 

  a bathroom nightlight.

Popular for all ages at museums,

  zoos and visitor centers throughout the


No video monitor or computer needed.

First introduced at the New York Hall of Science in 1988, and

  still going strong.  New improvements are based on long experience.

For detailed information, please contact:

Budd Wentz Productions

8619 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, Calif., 94611, USA

Tel: 510-531-1214,  Fax: 510-336-1650, 

Email:  questions@wentzscope.com

If you contact us by email and do not receive a reply, your message

has been lost in the sea of spam.  Please feel welcome to phone.

Wentzscope, Easy-View Museum Microscope, with cat